Creating Azure Functions with C# Script (.csx)

And deploying it from Azure DevOps to an Azure Function

Albert Starreveld
6 min readAug 8, 2022

Azure Functions is a serverless technology that allows you to process events. It allows you to act on a blob being added, for example, or a message being published on a queue or an HTTP request. You can write an Azure function in Python, PowerShell, C#, Node, or Java.

When building a project in C#, you need to create a .csproj. To create an Azure Function, you’ll need to introduce a class, add bindings, and so forth. Then you need to compile the project and deploy the manifest to Azure.

But sometimes a full-blown C# solution is overkill. In those cases, maybe an Azure Function with C# Script (.csx) will suffice. In this article, you can read how to create a C# script Azure function, add a trigger, and deploy it to Azure.

Creating a C# script Azure Function

To get started, you need the Azure Functions Core Tools. Install them by running the following command on Mac:

brew install azure/functions/azure-functions-core-tools

On Windows, use Chocolatey to install the Azure Functions Core Tools:

choco install azure-functions-core-tools

This introduces a new command-line tool called “func”.



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